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Cortina d’Ampezzo has been for centuries part of the Austro-Ungharian Empire and then became Italian only after 1918. During the past centuries its border role allowed Cortina to keep its own identity which is still preserved today.This rich and current history is represented by many symbols; for example the language, the local dialect is indeed still spoken nowadays, or the fact that on special occasions you can see local women wearing the traditional dress in the center of the town.
A further example of the long tradition that characterizes Cortina is the authority that protects woods and lands of the Ampezzo valley: Regole d'Ampezzo, a recognized public institution, collective owner of woods and pastures belonging to original properties.

Cortina lived for centuries thanks to the subsistence given by the ownership and by the collective use of the surrounding woods and grazing resources. These properties protected the territory.
The collective rights of these lands, which are nowadays monitored and applied by the “Regole” institution, keep being inherited by the new Ampezzo’s generations.

Cortina was born as a tourist location in the nineteenth century, when the first English and German hikers began to explore its peaks.

With the winter olympics of 1956, this location started being considered a tourist location, which became an international holiday destination during the Italian golden years.
In the mentioned period, the site became protagonist of the international cinema industry and of important events such as Cinepanettone and "Christmas Holidays".

To this day, Cortina still keeps its fame and the charming atmosphere that has always been associated to it, thanks also to the peculiar sunny valley and to its surrounding natural areas.


Important shows, sport and cultural events that involve all tourism fields take place in Cortina. Those events are able to satisfy both young and old generation’s tastes.


Cortina is a place that attracts its guests at any time of the day and in any season through its beauty and simplicity.

Our goals: unify hoteliers within Cortina D’ampezzo and its category, carry on a shared vision of the location, hospitality and promotion.


Largo delle Poste, 69 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

P.IVA: 81002770253


Photos by Dino Colli

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